Digital wealth management



In today’s dynamic financial markets, our digital wealth management app brings a revolutionary approach to investment management.

Digital Wealth Management is designed to provide investors with a comprehensive solution for efficient portfolio management of securities and mutual funds. By focusing on digitizing and automating investment processes, the app allows users to not only monitor the real-time evolution of their investments, but also implement sophisticated strategies to maximize returns and minimize risks.

General product information:

The Digital Wealth Management app offers a wide range of features such as the ability to invest regularly for long-term savings, make one-off investments to dynamically take advantage of financial opportunities, or withdraw investments from the portfolio when liquidity is needed. The app also includes intelligent portfolio rebalancing, which ensures that the portfolio is regularly rebalanced according to predefined criteria and the client’s investment objectives.

Key strengths of the app include:

  • Client profiling: The app includes tools for in-depth analysis of an investor’s financial preferences and risk tolerance, enabling the creation of a personalized investment plan.
  • Portfolio suitability monitoring: The system continuously monitors the match between the investment portfolio and the client’s profile, thus ensuring its optimal structure.
  • Calculation of fees and taxes: the application automatically calculates all relevant fees and taxes, saving investors time and ensuring transparency of financial transactions.

The main features of the Digital Asset Management App include:

Portfolio performance calculation

The platform provides detailed analysis and reports on the performance of individual investments and the entire portfolio.  This allows clients to better understand the evolution of their assets.

Asset Account Management for Mutual Funds

The application efficiently manages all aspects of the asset accounts and provides up-to-date information on the value of holdings.

Reporting processes

It enables the generation of comprehensive pre- and post-trade reports, as well as detailed reports on the status and development of the investment portfolio.

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