Biometric onboarding



Biometric Onboarding represents a breakthrough in authentication and digital identity management.

With integrated features such as advanced face detection and optical character recognition, this product provides a major improvement in the efficiency and security of onboarding processes. The system is specifically designed to respect and protect client privacy while providing a reliable and seamless solution for identifying and creating digital identities. With its versatility of application in various sectors and its ability to eliminate potential fraud risks, Biometric Onboarding is becoming an invaluable partner for organizations seeking innovative and secure solutions to manage the digital onboarding process.

General product information:

Developed in partnership with Innovatrics, Biometric Onboarding is an innovative product that simplifies the client onboarding process using facial biometrics. The system uses advanced neural networks to determine if the person behind the digital interaction is real, providing a fast yet convenient and secure online identity verification process. Designed with flexibility for a variety of applications – from insurance and retirement savings to creating digital identities and secure login systems – the system reduces the process to four basic steps: taking a photo of the ID, verifying and confirming the details, creating a selfie, and authenticating the person, increasing overall security and minimizing the risk of fraud.

Key product features:

  • Use of neural networks to detect if a person is real (Liveness check): neural networks are trained to identify real persons and distinguish from false representations, thus increasing the security of the verification process.
  • Integration with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology: OCR technology enables fast and accurate extraction of data from identity documents, simplifying the onboarding process and minimizing the need for manual data entry.
  • Speed and ease of use: the onboarding process is designed to be fast and easy for the user, increasing clients’ willingness to use digital services.
  • Security and data protection: The use of biometric data and its storage are carried out with a high emphasis on security, thus ensuring the protection of clients’ personal data.

Main product features:

Taking and comparing a photo from the ID to check if the person is real

The system compares the photo from the ID with the user’s selfie, minimizing the risk of misuse of identification.

Editing the document data

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts and enables editing of document data and simplifies the process of entering information.

Selfie with pre-configured data

The system automatically verifies the quality and parameters of the biometric capture during selfie creation, thus ensuring the reliability of the identification.

Creating a digital identity

Biometric onboarding enables the creation of a unique digital identity for each user, which is the basis for further interactions in the digital space.

Active and passive checking to see if the person is real

The system requires the user to interact for active checking, while simultaneously running a passive background check to ascertain the authenticity of the person.

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