Our team

Ľuboš Petrík


Chairman Of The Board Of Directors


Ľuboš has boarded on Goldmann Systems as a veteran captain with rich experience gained in top management positions in large companies such as Datalan, or Wüstenrot stavená sporiteľňa.

Martin Baláž


Member of the Board

Martin founded Goldmann Systems in the year 2000. He is able to gain trust and respect using both his human and professional approaches. He can understand the needs of a client very quickly and guide him/her in solving business and technological questions.

Veronika Vanyiova


Member of the Board

A charismatic and always perfectly groomed woman, a member of the board of directors and a project manager with the ability to gain the favor of people by pleasant manners and rational thinking. She always keeps a cool head when solving problems. Colleagues and clients love to work with her.

Ladislav Bitto


Sales Director

Laco joined us on the position of Sales Director. As a passionate fisherman, he focuses to catch not only huge fish, but also large projects. In 25 years of working in the IT sector, he has held several positions.


Program Manager

Janko manages our team of project managers and the 365.bank project from the position of Program Manager. He gained his seniority via many years of managerial work at major projects in large companies such as Posam, Mediworx or Siemens.

Karol Krasňan


Head of The Analyst Department

Karol entered the world of IT as a Programmer and infrastructure administrator after finishing his study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. At Goldmann Systems he started on a position of Analyst, and he moved forward step by step through various positions, including project management.

Peter Laurinec


Head of Frontend Development

16 years of experience with Frontend Development is Peto’s base to effectively manage the team of FE developers involved in the 365.bank project. He is currently developing a modern bank app for modern people.

Andrej Tariška


Project Manager

Andrej has been with Goldmann for 19 years (2020). He has held several positions from Tester, Analyst, Supervisor to Project Manager. In addition to professionalism, he values friendly relations between colleagues in the company.

Monika Hodasová



Test Manager


If there is a suspicious silence in the office, Monika is probably absent. Her team of testers has to run at full speed and is well cared after as a reward. As a Test Manager, she monitors the quality and smooth running of the 365.bank mobile application.

Michal Balaj


SLA Manager

Michal has been with Goldmann Systems for 12 years. He started as IT tester, later worked as a Business Analyst and settled on project management. As a hard worker, he is always busy.

Slavomír Kavka


Release & Deployment Manager

Slavo is one of the key people in the company and it’s not because he always carries the server room keys with him. He takes care of operations, occupies the position of Release Manager and is in charge of internal infrastructure, and system infrastructure designs for clients.

Tibor Seňko


Head of The Integration

Tibor has many years of experience in senior positions in the field of software development. His expertness arouses respect of his colleagues and clients. He is in charge of the integration development department.

Ján Piussi


Project Manager

Ján studied Marketing Management at Comenius University and his first job was media analysis in a media monitoring agency. Then, he worked in the company Partner Soft spol. s r.o. for 16 years, where he started as analyst and gradually worked his way up to the position of executive director.

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