Digital banking

Digital banking channels are gaining in popularity worldwide. This trend is supported by the creation of new online banks, legal requirements to give access to banking services to third parties, as well as the general development and acceptance of mobile technologies. Mobile phones are becoming main means for handling of everyday responsibilities, and it is no different in the financial world. We implement solutions for digital banking. 

Business benefits

  • Access to banking services at any time
  • Acceleration and streamlining of provided services
  • Process automation
  • Operational risk reduction

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • The same level of service for the client regardless of the sales channel
  • Environmentally friendly

Digital banking functions

Digital banking is not limited to basic banking products. Required features and supported products can be diverse:

  • Onboarding a client purely online, in a few minutes, completely paperless (in accordance with the requirements for KYC, AML, etc.)
  • Dashboard with Safe to Spend function
  • Accounts and payments
  • Cards
  • Saving
  • Loans – online until the loan is drawn
  • Investment products
  • Loyalty system
  • Call center support
  • Assisted branch office Support
  • Push notifications
  • Mobile and watch (wearables) payments
  • Login via Face ID, Touch ID, Emoji
  • Fraud detection
  • Compliant with PSD2, MiFID2 and other regulations
  • High security

Digital banking technologies

The introduction or modernization of digital channels requires different combinations of technologies depending on the goals and the initial state. Our specialists will take care of the optimal choice of technologies with regard to the overall architecture, development, security and solution operation.

 We are experienced in development of front-end applications for iOS, Android and the Web, in implementation of the business process and integration layer as well as with the development and implementation of back-end components with regard to the security architecture model. 

We integrate technologies to support facial biometrics, document scanning, video calls, use in-memory databases and advanced architectural designs. We focus also on auditability of the system and proactive monitoring of operation.

 Upon request, we can help you with an entire digital banking project, as a system integrator, or with a delivery of a specific layer or component of your solution.

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