Analytics for Asset Management Business

In today’s highly competitive and risky environment of investment industry, smart companies use business intelligence to identify and solve challenges and exploit unique opportunities.
For asset managers, private bankers, investment brokers and advisors the Fund Business Intelligence software system is the essential component in a strategy for better business results which gives them competitive advantage in the globalized marketplace.
Fund Business Intelligence is complete, open and prebuilt application that gathers various business data from your datawarehouse and delivers them in many forms and views providing intuitive, role-based intelligence for sales people as well as senior managers to take more effective decisions much faster and projecting accurate business insights.

For daily questions such as

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  • Does my business develop in line with preset goals?
  • How do various sales channels in our company perform?
  • What is the profitability of different client segments?
  • How are our clients resistant to market fluctuations?
  • Is the investment duration in line with funds investment horizon?
  • How are the competitors comparing to my results?
  • and much more in scope and details

Fund Business Intelligence is recent innovation of our company in the field of applications for financial sector. It has been built based on 10 year experience with development of information systems for asset management business.
Fund Business Intelligence contains unified common information model with many different facts and dimensions, prebuilt analytics, interactive dashboards and reports which can be used as-is or adapted to specific user needs without knowledge of any programming language.

Use ready-made Fund BI application to get:

  • Much shorter implementation time
  • Low implementation costs
  • Verified know-how in asset management business
  • Reliable information on-demand at your desk

Examples of ready-made dashboards and reports
Fund BI application covers data areas of transactions, assets, demography, fees and commissions, distribution network, geography and market data. The user can analyze facts from many different views (dimensions). All information can be visualized in the form of different type of graphs, tables and even maps. Outputs can be viewed on screen, exported to many different formats, published on web site or regularly distributed via email to team leaders, managers or clients.

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Fund BI is based on Oracle BI 11g platform, which is the market leader withing business intelligence solutions. The Oracle BI 11g platform has many components for building real world applications.

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Reports Publishing
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Geospatial Visualization
  • KPIs and Scorecards
  • Event Detection
  • Mobile Ap. Suport
  • Office Integration
  • Data Integration