Technical Information


AssetManager is an information system built on technologies that enable its deployment in environments such as local networks or intranets, Internet and extranets. The system is built on a three-tier architecture using a thin client as its user interface. It is a client-server application that requires relational database systems on the server side, i.e. a database server complying with SQL92 standards. The application web server runs either on the same machine as the database server or can be installed on a different server. Individual users access the functions of the system by means of a web browser.

The modern technologies that AssetManager is built on guarantee the high availability and scalable operation of the system, as well as high output, support for real-time processing and last not least, the security of all information stored and transmitted.

Protection and Security

Information security in AssetManager can be split into four levels:

  • Data protection during transfer between the client’s computer and the server, i.e. protection in a computer network,
  • Protection of data stored on the server in file systems,
  • Protection of data stored on the server in SQL databases, and
  • Protection of data and the whole system by means of a wide range of authentication processes, such as access passwords, grid cards, checking access computer addresses (so called IP addresses), setting access time limits, etc.

Some security elements are integrated features of the application; others are third-party products or standard features of the technologies on which the application is built. Individual information security mechanisms can be mutually combined and implemented according to users’ requirements.