Portfolio Management

One of the main features of AssetManager is its transparency and the high reliability of the information provided. During the development of the system, great attention was paid to its ability and readiness to provide the most detailed and complete information possible so as to facilitate the quick taking of correct decisions. This applies especially to the portfolio managers of mutual funds, pension funds and private banking client portfolios.

Portfolio manager has easy access to portfolio structure, yields and performance of portfolio and benchmark as well as their mutual comparison. There are a lot of useful reports e.g. Cash flow report, Risk limits report, Portfolio performance report – just to name a few.

Orders and Trades

AssetManager supports various types of portfolio transactions including the money market trades, securities, bonds as well as the derivatives. Having taken into account the fact that each portfolio can have its own defined investment profile with specific investment limits, AssetManager provides functions for verifying the impact of each order on the given investment limits before carrying out the transaction itself.

AssetManager has multi-language, multi-instrument, multi-currency and multi-market capabilities that mean the native support for trading all types of financial assets in different currencies and securities on different markets, with different market values.

The ability to input and process pool orders is just another advantage for managers of large number of private portfolios. This feature simplifies portfolio management and cuts transactional costs. Pool orders can be used by portfolio managers not only for bulk investments, but also for the one-off sale of a specific security from all portfolios, for instance.

Investment Profiles and Risk Limitations

Within AssetManager you can easily create the predefined investment profiles that are assigned to clients based on their preferences, or to define the individual, fully customized investment profiles for funds or private banking clients. Individual approach to all clients, varying from the prudential and conservative to the dynamic and adventurous, who are ready to accept various scenarios for their investment portfolios is competitive advantage of asset management company. This way one can keep satisfied all types of the clients.

One of the basic missions that asset management company must be ready to fulfil is to fully comply with all the rules set up by the financial authorities and market regulators. Risk management functionality of AssetManager enables to put various constraints on the structure of the assets. From the risk limitations point of view the real-time analysis of portfolio structure is performed via user-defined set of rules that compare each fund asset with these rules and limits. The analysis can be performed also for future portfolio structure for specified transaction, which gives a useful tool for portfolio manager to make proper investment decisions.

Portfolio Evaluation and NAV Calculation

Process of portfolio evaluation is being completed after the close of business day. AssetManager downloads securities and FX prices and calculates the accruals and prices of the instruments not provided by market information systems. AssetManager comprises exact algorithms for calculation of net asset value (NAV) and share price of each fund automatically and provides an in-depth Portfolio evaluation report.