e-Commerce: self-service enabler

Internet communication is the most recent form of communication model in today’s information society. The e-commerce functions of AssetManager make it possible to perform active or passive system operations via the Internet.

The scope of what the users can do is based on predefined access rights and privileges. The system has several functions and benefits available in the e-commerce module:

  • Extending the branch sales network of experienced sales persons increases the volume of mutual fund shares sold, which in turn brings higher administration fees, thus increasing the revenues and income of the asset management company.
  • Easy access to the investment company sales network for agencies and sales persons selling fund shares coupled with the motivation of greater remuneration makes the products offered – shares in mutual funds, supplementary pension savings and others – more attractive to the sales person, stimulating him or her to achieve better results.
  • Convenient client access to both passive and active operations via the Internet (similar to Internet banking) saves time and money. In the case of an asset management company, the client has the possibility to make the whole transaction of purchasing allotment certificates via the Internet – from filling in the order to transferring the purchase price and obtaining the shares on his property account.
  • As shown by the demographic statistics of Internet users, it is a cost-effective way of addressing and acquiring financially well-situated and dynamic clients.