Custodian Function Support

The main mission of the custodian is to ensure that the rules stipulated under country law or laid down internally by the financial institution are adhered to. AssetManager provides the custodian with a complete overview of all transactions involving the fund’s assets, and detailed information about these transactions. It also provides functions for communicating with mutual fund or pension fund institutions, and tools for the verification of portfolio transactions.

The custodian guarantees that mutual fund companies and pension funds act within the law and observe the rights of shareholders. This task is also facilitated by the possibility of independent evaluation of the portfolio of assets in the funds and comparing acquired value with evaluation carried out by the asset management company itself. AssetManager supports all these functions, enabling the custodian to do his job efficiently and reliably. The custodian has also the possibility of viewing the majority of statistical reports, ensuring that he has a full picture of the company as a whole as well as an insight into individual investment funds. A means of monitoring the activities of asset management companies and taking appropriate steps in the event of mismanagement or violating of rules or laws is an absolute priority reflected in the AssetManager functionalities that are available to the custodian.

The custodian functionalities of the system are fully usable, for monitoring not only mutual fund companies, but also pension funds or any other type of asset management companies.