Focus on the Client


The Most Valuable Asset

When selecting the company for group or individual investment, client concentrates on level of service, flexibility, investment yield, and amount of fees – these are some of the key factors that attract investors. AssetManager will help you to be steps ahead of your competitors.

AssetManager application provides support for wide range of products the client is able to choose from including:

  • Mutual funds, under management of your company
  • Various money saving programs
  • Third party mutual funds
  • Pension savings funds
  • Capital market products
  • Money market products
  • Derivatives and structured products

The front office functionality of AssetManager is focused on working with the client and meeting his needs, giving an instant overview of account turnovers and all related credit and debit operations. It makes it possible to keep and process all client information, historical records of individual requests and transactions, signature specimens, supplementary services provided to the client, claims and complaints, and other interactions with client.

Success Based on Effective Sales Network

Based on the open standards of Internet technology an agent is able to work online and securely with client’s data from any computer connected to the central server. It gives more flexibility to agents, lowers the costs and speed up the processing of client’s requests and orders. All data is typed into the system only once, system is making for a very efficient work process, accelerated communication and supports avoiding the mistakes due to manual processing.

AssetManager provides functions for flexible definition of organizational structure of branch sales network, commission structures, as well as tracking and evaluating the results and performance of each branch and the business associates involved in the selling process. Depending on the structure of the branch sales network, it is possible to define how commissions and fees are broken down into the individual levels of the sales network.

The support for external distribution networks is also included. Kickback fee and other sophisticated reward schemes can be set up to fully comply with different types of distributions agreements.