Standardiset Workflow Management

The AssetManager information system also includes a document management system that supports the managed flow of documents and relevant processes within the organization. Depending on defined user roles and levels of access rights, employees receive documents for approval and further processing in their virtual workplaces. The tasks of the system are to eliminate inefficient retyping of the same data and minimize the time required from filing an application to its successful fulfilment. This functionality is implemented in a workflow module.

The workflow module integrates front and back office operations into a single compact unit. AssetManager provides functions for the settlement of investments, subscriptions, redemptions and other clients` requests without delay. Each request and all information put into the system at any location are immediately accessible to all authorized users. Clients can be informed at any time about the status of their applications regardless of where, when and to whom the application was submitted.

Another way of making back office operations more efficient is being offered by the bulk data processing functions, e.g. bulk data matching, yields settlement, bulk issue of shares, as well as integration with home banking or accounting systems.

Portfolio Transaction Settlement

AssetManager provides information for the trade settlement to back office employees in real time. Faster settlement process gives employees more time for processing the information on the business transactions performed. The integration of transaction settlement in standard working procedures within AssetManager prevents settlement mistakes occurring, and increases the productivity of the back office department.